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History Timeline

J. Stanley Todd
J. Stanley ToddFounder

Did You Know?


The Club was founded by J. Stanley Todd, who lived with his Uncle at No 60 Percy Park, and played in a field on the north side of the terraced houses. This date fixed by J. Stanley Todd, the founder member, and 1st. Captain of the Club in a letter which he wrote to the Club in 1925.


World Events
Jesse James Gang rob first passenger train.
First FA Cup


After the fields behind Percy Park were taken over for gardens, the club then played on Collingwood Monument fields, overlooking the harbour.


The Percy Park Football Club became one of the six founder members of the Northumberland R.F.U. The other founder members being The Northumberland Football Club, The (original) Borough of Tynemouth Football Club, The Northern Football Club, The (original) Gosforth Football Club and The Tynedale Football Club.


First Northumberland Senior Cup beating Elswick in final.

World Events
Statue of Liberty dedicated in New York Harbour.
First Coca Cola sold, advertised as a hangover cure.


Club moves to Preston Ave and; goes on first tour to Bristol and Cardiff.


World Events
First Modern Olympic Games in Athens.
Klondyke gold Rush begins.


Northumberland plays New Zealand All Blacks at Percy Park to a 10,000 crowd.

World Events

Einstein publishes his “Special Theory Of Relativity”.

1914 - 1919



The Club tie incorporating the  Percy Lion is adopted.

World Events
Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin.
World’s 1st scheduled TV broadcast
Amelia Erhart is 1st woman to fly across the Atlantic.


After a period in the doldrums 1st XV win Northumberland Senior Cup & 2nd XV win the Senior Shield.

World Events
Laszlo Biro patents the ball point pen In Britain.
Nylon first manufactured by Du Pont.

1939 – 1945



The purchase of the ground is complete & a memorial tablet is unveiled in honour of those members who had not returned from World War II.

World Events
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Formed (NATO).
George Orwell’s 1984 published.
Rationing of clothes ends in Britain.



New Clubhouse is complete and negotiations begin to lease a 2nd pitch on Harbottle’s field.


World Events
France, West Germany & Italy establish the European Union.
James Dean dies in car crash.


Donald Rutherford & Derek  Morgan capped for England.

 Don Rutherford

World Events
US scientists develop laser device.
First weather satellite launched.


Tynemouth Rovers RFC disbands & merges with Park.

World Events
Martin Luther King & Robert Kennedy assassinated.
Warsaw Pact troops invade Czeckeslovakia.



The centenary is marked with a game against Leicester with Park losing 18-32.


World Events
Munich disaster, 11 Israeli Olympians murdered by Terrorists.


After the old stand was destroyed by fire, a new concrete & steel stand is completed.

World Events
First flight of US Space Shuttle.
Compact discs first launched.


Percy Park Youth Trust is established.
World Events
Chernobyl disaster, 133,000 people evacuated. Fall out affects all Europe.


1st XV become Champions of Durham & Northumberland 2..

World Events
China opens 1st McDonalds in Beijing.
Euro Disney opens in France.
English Premier League is officially formed.


1st XV champions of Durham & Northumberland 1.

World Events
First rendezvous of NASA space shuttle with Russian MIR space station.


The current Clubhouse is completed & the new junior pitch is in play.

World Events
258 people killed when 2 American Embassies are bombed allegedly ordered by Osama Bin Laden


Finalists in Northumberland Senior Cup after 46 year wait.

World Events
Saddam Hussein executed.
First case of bird flu in UK.


1 st XV relegated into Durham and Northumberland 1

World Events
Apple unveiled the first iPhone
Madeleine McCann disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Portugal.
Apple unveiled the first iPhone


The new car park and balcony are completed.

World Events
The Large Hadron Collider is fired up becoming the worlds largest energy particle accelerator.


The Lions win the No 2 County Cup while the Marauders win not only the No 5 County Cup but also Northumberland County League 3C.

World Events
The Deepwater Horizon explosion on 20 April caused the deaths of 11 people and the worst oil spill in US history.
After 69 days trapped nearly half a mile underground in the San Jose mine, 33 Chilean miners were rescued alive.


The 1 st XV win the Senior Cup for the first time in 50 years and narrowly miss promotion to National 3 in a thrilling promotion play off losing to Burnage 26 - 27. The Lions win both the league and also the County Cup. The Marauders win the league for the second year running and narrowly lose out in the County Cup final.

World Events
Osama bin Laden, the suspected mastermind behind the terror attacks against America on 11 September 2001.was killed by US special forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan.
The last US troops withdraw from Iraq and formally end the Iraq War after eight years.


Percy Park 1 st XV secure promotion to National 3 North (level 5) after a nail biting play off win over Liverpool St Helens. The Northumberland Senior Cup was retained, and the Percy Park Penguins (veterans) won the Northumberland 5 th XV cup. The year was rounded off with a celebratory dinner to present caps to 1 st XV cup winners 2011 and 2012. Past recipients were also in attendance with the oldest Rae Walton a former squadron leader and holder of the military cross having won his cap shortly before the outbreak of WWII

World Events
The Costa Concordia cruise ship carrying more than 4,000 passengers collided with rocks, and capsizied killing 32 people
The Queen celebrated her diamond jubilee marking exactly 60 years to the day when she took the throne in 1952.
Pop legend Whitney Houston was found dead in a hotel .
The UK holds the Olympic Games for the third time.


The 1 st XV win the Northumberland senior cup for the 3 rd successive year and finish 5 th in their first year in National 3 North, but are relegated the following season.
Northumber County beat North Midlands 45 - 10 in the Bill Beaumont Cup Division 2 at Twickenham. The squad included Parks Ash Smith and Jack Davidson.

World Events
Scottish tennis player Andy Murray became the first British man to win Wimbledon since 1936.
Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela die.


Percy Park RFC is incorporated and becomes Percy Park Rugby Football Club Ltd. A new charity is also set up in the name of Percy Park Rugby Football Foundation Ltd to work in tandem with the Percy Park Youth Trust

World Events
The biggest scandal to hit the car industry in decades started when VW was told to recall 482,000 diesel cars in the US after it was caught using software to cheat emissions tests.


Major refurbishment of changing rooms adding 2 new changing rooms and a plant room.

World Events
A fire at the 24-storey Grenfell Tower in north Kensington killed 72 people.
22 were killed and over 200 injured at the Macnchester Arena bombing.


Seniors win County Cup against Alnwick.
Percy Park Panthers formed to bring regular women’s rugby to the club and they join the RFU league system in 2021.


World Events
Storm Eleanor brings massive disruption to the UK and Ireland, with some winds reaching 100mph.
Stephen Hawkings whose life's work shaped modern cosmology and helped ordinary people to better understand the universe, died at the age of 76
Twelve boys aged between 11 and 16, as well as their football coach, were rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand after more than two weeks of being trapped.


Covid curtails the end to the season and Percy Park relegated back to level 6

World Events
The Coronavirus pandemic brought the world to virtually a standstill. Starting in January in China, worldwide lockdowns started around March.


Percy Park celebrates it’s Sesquicentenial – 150 th anniversary as champions of Durham & Northumberland 1 (level7) and are promoted to Regional 2 North.


World Events

Russia invades Ukraine
Queen Elizabeth II dies in Scotland, at the age of 96.
The Uk has 3 Prime Ministers including Liz Truss, who was only in power for 49 days.


Percy Park 1 st XV champions of Regional 2 North are promoted to Regional 1 North East (level 5)